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Car buyers are conducting more independent research and having less contact with the dealership prior to purchase than ever before. Consumer empowerment has changed and will continue to change retail automotive. Today’s consumer:

  • Refers to 24 different sources when researching a vehicle purchase and approximately two-thirds of those sources are digital (Google Think Insights Study)
  • Has no contact with the dealership (via email, telephone, chat, or any other channel) before going in to the facility nearly 60% of the time
  • Visits only 1.6 dealerships before purchasing a vehicle (McKinsey and Company Study)

Consumers are deciding whether to do business with dealerships based exclusively on what they find online. A dealership’s online presence has become the virtual showroom. If the virtual showroom does not receive the same care and maintenance as the physical facility, car shoppers may never set foot in the dealership. Dealerships are winning and losing business every day without even knowing it.

Launched in 2012, the 3 Birds Digital Evaluation is the first reporting program of its kind. The Digital Evaluation program and associated tools were created to capture the previously unrepresented consumer perspective of the car-buying process. 3 Birds currently provides a system for measuring performance and offers resources and support for continuous improvement to more than 2,500 dealerships across the nation.

The 3 Birds Digital Evaluation Product is 
Unmatched in the Automotive Space

Data Integrity

  • Systematic methodology for timely data collection and scoring
  • Documentation maintained on withheld points
  • All criteria have been clearly defined for complete transparency and to eliminate subjectivity
  • Valuable insight into the performance of competitive brand dealerships on leading online review sites
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    Actionable Insight

  • Dealership specific action items accompany every Evaluation
  • Detailed training materials and resources to immediately execute on action plan
  • Data structured to identify common challenges among dealers to support precision training
  • Attentive in-house and field training team options available
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    Consumer Experience Authority

  • Snapshot of what a hypothetical consumer would see when researching the dealership
  • Captures more than 90 data points along the consumer research arc
  • Criteria focus on elements that attract or repel consumers from visiting a dealership
  • Emphasis on transferring digital expertise and information about changing consumer behavior to field team and dealer body
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    Proven Track Record

  • Currently providing the program to approximately 2,500 dealerships on an ongoing basis
  • Successfully conducted national rollout of two large brands concurrently
  • Scalability of technology and team
  • Available for immediate expansion to OEMs, regions and dealership groups nationally and internationally
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    The Digital Evaluation Program Includes the Following Components:

    Digital Evaluation

    Scorecard and universal metrics for evaluating dealerships’ overall digital presence and performance, including Next Steps. Identifies areas for improvement AND provides store-specific action plans for improving presence, traffic and conversion.

    3 Birds Academy

    Online knowledge center with digital training materials and best practice guides for improving dealer digital presence and process.

    Neighborhood Watch

    Interactive tool for monitoring your dealership’s online reputation AND that of competitive dealerships within the same market.


    App for quantifying the dealership’s lost sales opportunities by analyzing traffic and lead handling against industry benchmarks.

    The 3 Birds program has been architected to deliver unique value across all three tiers. Most importantly, the data reveals strong correlations between performance on the Digital Evaluation and Neighborhood Watch and key business metrics such as vehicle sales growth, customer pay repair order volume, service retention, satisfaction indices and market share.

    Tier 1

    Manufacturers & Large Groups

    Enterprise-level roll-up reporting is provided for all parts of the program. Roll-up reporting can be structured to facilitate analysis by groupings such as Regions, Areas, Award winners, Dealership groups, Twenty groups, Certified vendors and so forth. Our system has configurable permission levels, allowing established role-based access and usage rights. Our in-depth analysis provides comprehensive insight into the performance of a specific dealer body on online review sites as compared to competitive brands. Further analysis of correlations between Digital Evaluation and Neighborhood Watch performance and other business data is available. This can be used to refine criteria and scoring to advance key business and financial objectives.

    Tier 2

    Regions, Associations, & Agencies

    Clearly defined universal metrics for measuring digital presence enable field travelers who support dealerships to act as trusted digital consultants. Interactive roll-up reporting is structured to facilitate training efficiency and to scale improvement by allowing for easy identification of dealerships with the same opportunities for improvement.

    Tier 3


    Digital Evaluations go beyond identifying problems or simply providing a score. Every Digital Evaluation includes a dealer-specific action plan and all of the training materials and resources necessary to execute on the plan.

    InsightPRO - eCommerce Process Monitoring

    InsightPRO helps dealers gain a better understanding of the results of their dealership’s operations and processes as benchmarked against industry best practices. Though much of this data is kept in a dealership’s CRM, it is typically scattered between various reports and does not provide an operational analysis of a dealer’s strengths and areas of opportunity. Typical measurements such as Close Rate are important, but focus more on the result instead of the activity that leads to that result. The analysis done by the InsightPRO tool focuses on the processes that dealership teams are performing and provides concrete measurements that show how the processes drive those results.

    InsightPRO allows you to understand how the performance stacks up against industry standards for all different types of traffic: Email Leads, Phone Leads, Walk-Ins, Be-Back Appointments, & Owner Marketing Appointments.

    The dealership’s performance is compared to the industry best practice benchmark to calculate the opportunity, showing how many more sales a dealership could have expected if sales processes were operating at an optimal level. Each report concludes with “Action Items” based on your individual results that allow the dealer to fine-tune its training efforts for each department, and even individual team members.

    "The Digital Assessment has given us a solid framework for measuring ​the way our dealership presents ​itself online to potential customers, especially in regards to reputation management."​

    Kristina Sivas, Digital Marketing Manager​, Madera Auto Center – Madera, CA



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