Bird’s Eye View: Leah Griffin

written by: 3 Birds Marketing, LLC

Leah Griffin's loyalty, determination, and organizational skills have made her a hit with both her clients and her co-workers since she originally joined the 3 Birds team as an intern. Since then, she has used her formidable talents for developing account strategy and getting results to help her clients realize their marketing goals.

Leah serves as a Digital Strategist for client across the country. She spends her time managing her accounts through whatever channels necessary (email, phone, text, and in-person) and going above and beyond to streamline--and maximize--her clients' digital marketing investment. 

The thing that Leah loves most about 3 Birds is our culture and her fellow co-workers. Not only does she say that her colleagues make work fun for her, but she admires our whole team's go-getter attitude and our attention to even the smallest details (an attribute that she says sets us apart from other companies).

In addition to her dedication to the 3 Birds team, Leah enjoys working out, cooking, spending time with her family and friends, and traveling to new places.

A few more fun facts about Leah:

  • Not only did she attend UNC-Chapel Hill, but she was a cheerleader for all four years as well.
  • She loves thrillers--both books and movies.

As both her clients and colleagues know, Leah brings a passion and dedication to her role that only continues to grow. We look forward to seeing what she accomplishes next.