Grow Your Database and Revenue in 2017 With Real-Time Customer Acquisition Data Visualization & Marketing

written by: 3 Birds Marketing, LLC

Updated: January 3, 2017

Here at 3 Birds, we're all about helping you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time efficiently and effectively. At NADA 2016, we introduced an all-new way to visualize your in-market prospects and then market to those people with the industry's first dealer-facing, real-time conquest data configurator incorporating IHS Automotive predictive models. For the first time, this tool allows 3 Birds clients to call up real-time conquest target counts and visualize in-market prospects in their area based on IHS Automotive insights, then Market Effectively on those conquest opportunities through the 3 Birds marketing platform and Acquisition Accelerator—and it’s how the most progressive dealers in the country are both growing their databases and increasing vehicle sales in 2017.

Identify high-value prospects in real time based on IHS models

Incorporating the IHS suite of high-accuracy aggregated statistical IHS models, our configurator tool gives you the ability to independently:

  • Gain a better understanding of opportunities in your local market 
  • Garner insight into an audience’s likelihood of owning a specific brand or competitive make 
  • Identify which audiences are likely to purchase a new vehicle within the next six months
  • Identify new prospective customers for your dealership

Complex data queries and reliance on vendor-managed third-party tools can add up to headaches and wasted opportunities for your dealership, but our intuitive data visualization dashboard powered by the sophisticated Tableau business intelligence software allows you to easily call up accurate conquest data counts within seconds. Any dealership with a login to the 3 Birds platform can access the conquest configurator and independently filter by any of the available IHS Automotive preview models.

We're especially proud of the tool because it’s the first of its kind to allow any dealership in the country to obtain target counts and see the visualizations of the in-market opportunities in their area. We provide map access to accurate conquest count information for every dealership in the United States.

Making things simple as possible, changes in the data configurator are expressed dynamically in the interactive map and corresponding graph view. Additional insights are available by filtering according to specific ZIP codes (such as those containing your competitors). This data provides the foundation for future conquest opportunities, and can be further segmented by vehicle category and other data points.

Deliver performance-focused Customer Acquisition Streams with the 3 Birds Acquisition Accelerator

A powerful tool for identifying your most valuable in-market prospects is great, but data alone will only take you so far. As part of 3 Birds’ fully integrated, multi-tier dynamic marketing and analytics platform, it’s never been easier to quickly and efficiently act on these prospects with our powerful Acquisition Accelerator.

The Acquisition Accelerator includes high-quality, well-optimized email communications with our integrated dynamic live inventory, proven to increase vehicle sales and repair orders by automatically tailoring vehicle offers according to specific target audiences. With the guidance of a dedicated account manager, you can easily identify audiences likely to be in market based on the IHS Automotive models, then track your campaigns' effectiveness with built-in business intelligence and analytics.

New leads immediately become part of the long-term dealership messaging cycle when powered by the 3 Birds' Automated Marketing Engine, allowing you to track trends in your customers’ lifetime value as your leads move between different value segments. Additional data from IHS Automotive is automatically integrated into our advanced analytics dashboards and solution sets, strengthening our consumer intent algorithms and in-market sales predictions.

Interested in learning more about our real-time conquest data configurator and Acquisition Accelerator? Click here to contact our team.