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3 Birds Reads: January 18-21

3 Birds Reads
Paul Mirek
Paul Mirek is 3 Birds' Content Manager. He has a soft spot for great writing, smart marketing, and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Amidst the excitement of #DD20 this week, we caught up on the latest SEO, social, and digital marketing news impacting your dealership.

Keyword density, ride-sharing initiatives, retailers’ digital marketing priorities, and more

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Is Keyword Density Still Important For SEO? (Forbes)

Once upon a time, “keyword stuffing” was an easy way to trick your way up the search engine rankings. Google algorithm updates have largely weeded this practice out, but many publishers online still debate the importance of “keyword density,” or the ratio of your targeted keyword to total word count on a page. DeMers draws on the latest SEO analysis to suggest that word count and “relevant and proof terms” (those related to your target keyword) are gaining more importance when it comes to getting your content in front of its largest audience.

Our take: There are few absolutes in SEO, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the most effective way towards long-term gains is through high-quality, well-written content designed for readers – not some mythical mathematical ideal. Producing this sort of content definitely isn’t easy (if it was, everyone would be doing it), but it’s certainly worth it.

Read here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2016/01/20/is-keyword-density-still-important-for-seo/#2715e4857a0b17d139dc31e5

GM Ride-sharing Initiatives Unite Under Single Brand: Maven (GM Corporate Newsroom)

General Motors has been steadily increasing its focus on vehicle-sharing initiatives, and now those programs are united under a new GM brand. Maven is dedicated to providing “highly personalized, on-demand mobility services” and includes veterans from the connected car and ride-sharing industries. The initial rollout includes a car-sharing program serving students and faculty at the University of Michigan; various programs at GM campuses around the world; and planned services for Chicago residents in partnership with the Magellan Development Group.

Our take: GM’s willingness to explore non-traditional automotive services has the potential to resonate with a whole new audience of customers. Don’t miss out when it comes to educating and informing your customers about unique OEM programs like this one. That initial attention-grab could keep your dealership top-of-mind when a customer’s automotive needs change.

Read here: http://media.gm.com/media/us/en/gm/news.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2016/Jan/0121-maven.html

How Retailers Are Prioritizing Their Digital Efforts in 2016 (eMarketer)

In a recent survey of North American retailers, more than half (59 percent) of respondents said that mobile and marketing were in their top three priorities for 2016. 41 percent of retailers also said that site merchandising was a leading priority.

Our take: It’s easy to see what these leading priorities have in common: bridging the gap between your audience and your product. Could your dealership be doing more to highlight the features and benefits of specific vehicles with a mobile-friendly marketing strategy? Chances are “yes”—and the good news is there’s one line of dealer solutions that can do it all.

Read here: http://www.emarketer.com/Article/How-Retailers-Prioritizing-Their-Digital-Efforts-2016/1013480

Toyota Sparks Customized Storytelling Via 100,000 Targeted Video Ads (Mobile Marketer)

Toyota combined 100 interchangeable video clips of the RAV4 with Facebook’s unique user demographics to create a truly personalized marketing campaign. The platform serves up a customized video composed of three different clips to reflect each Facebook user’s specific interests. Over 100,000 different spots are possible, and each one is paired with unique ad copy that echoes the customization.

Our take: Toyota has embraced innovative social media marketing before, but this is a particularly strong example of how truly personalized messaging can grab our attention. Your campaign doesn’t have to go viral to have a big impact on your ROI – simply delivering a targeted message that’s keyed to your prospects’ interests and purchase stage can achieve impressive results.

Read here: http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/advertising/22071.html

Top Concerns for New-car Shoppers (Auto Remarketing)

The 2016 J.D. Power Avoider Study reveals new information about what customers are looking for in a new vehicle. Concern for vehicle reliability has increased with 55 percent now saying it’s a leading reason for purchase. An increased amount of respondents (17 percent) also cite perceived reliability as a chief reason for avoiding a purchase. In contrast, lower gas prices appear to have had an impact on buyers – 51 percent factored in fuel economy when purchasing in 2015 compared to 55 percent in the previous year.

Our take: While taking individual customer preferences into account, trends like these can be great launching pads for your next marketing campaign. When messaging upcoming models or your remaining 2015 inventory, think about which features might resonate most with your audience. Our powerful analytics make it easy to dive into the results and further tailor your messaging from there.

Read here: http://www.autoremarketing.com/trends/top-concerns-new-car-shoppers

While many of us are just returning from #DD20, we’re ready to continue the conversation online. Let us know what’s on your mind, and we’ll help plan your personalized marketing strategy to achieve your 2016 goals.