3 Sep

How to Follow Up on Your Labor Day Campaign

Email Marketing
Paul Mirek
Paul Mirek is 3 Birds' Content Manager. He has a soft spot for great writing, smart marketing, and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The holiday weekend may over, but your work is just beginning

When considering marketing strategy for a big event (such as for your Labor Day sale this previous weekend), the biggest focus is often on the challenge of coming up with bold, engaging messaging to draw customers. This is certainly important, and seeing positive results from a well-crafted campaign is always exciting.

But your job isn’t done when the weekend ends.

Don’t leave money on the table after your Labor Day sale (or any other marketing campaign). Follow these tips to see your hard work continue to produce results in the months to come.

Keep your email lists specific and up-to-date

Sending your customers the wrong message-literally-is a surefire way to send your dealership emails to the trash. When you’re looking over the leads you’ve received from your Labor Day email marketing campaigns and in-store visits, discover where your future opportunities lie and move your leads into appropriate funnels. You can use click data from your campaigns to identify areas of specific interest. For instance, customers who expressed interest but didn’t purchase may be ready to buy in the next few months, whereas customers who took home a new vehicle are ready to enter your dealership’s service lifecycle messaging.

Follow up with leads quickly—that means now!

Research from InsideSales.com shows that “35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.” Do you have an effective lead nurturing system in place to capture those sales? Whether you’re sending an incentive to prospects who didn’t make it to the dealership or welcoming buyers to your service department, you should be sending your messaging quickly and effectively to capitalize on these new opportunities.

Follow up more than once

According to National Sales Executive Association figures, 25% of sales people stop after the second contact, while 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact (cited by the Mind Capture Group).  Whether or not you closed the month with high sales thanks to your Labor Day event—where are your sales over the upcoming month going to come from? Instead of spending excessive time and energy trying to attract all-new prospects each month, focus on staying in contact with your current leads with soft marketing touches like a monthly newsletter, combined with targeted campaigns…

…all of which can are available through 3 Birds Marketing, your one-stop shop for digital marketing solutions. Together, we’ll help you make the most of your leads—all year long.