25 Feb

Stat of the Week

Email Marketing
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3 Times as Many

As marketers ponder where their online ad spending should go and how to prioritize and segment their budgets, mobile marketing has started causing more of them to investigate. At the same time, marketers are wondering if mail marketing is worth the investment. But according to a recent article published by Unbounce, not only is e-mail marketing “alive and well,” it still dominates all digital advertising. Unbounce claims that there are three times as many e-mail accounts in existence than all Facebook and Twitter accounts – combined. Combine that with a recent study by Nielsen revealing that 42% of all mobile internet use is spent on e-mail, along with Litmus’s own study that showed mobile e-mails account for 43% of total e-mail opens, and it’s plain to see that not only is e-mail marketing thriving, it’s increasingly shifting towards being read by consumers on mobile devices. So a prudent marketing strategy and budget should, in our opinion, not only continue to use e-mail marketing as a way to reach consumers, but also as a way to make sure that the e-mails they are sending are device adaptive.