16 Aug

Yelp Launches New Mobile Reviewing Feature

Online Reputation Management
Paul Mirek
Paul Mirek is 3 Birds' Content Manager. He has a soft spot for great writing, smart marketing, and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

It’s no secret that the reviews posted about your dealership online can have a huge impact on the number of customers who walk in your door. Attracting positive reviews and keeping negative ones offline has become a part of automotive digital marketing, but now the window to catch customers before they post is diminishing.

On August 13th, Yelp introduced mobile review posting, giving users the ability to write and publish reviews within minutes after their experience at a location. The question is: is that good or bad news for your dealership?

The Good

If you know that a customer has had a great experience at the dealership, asking for a positive review is potentially much more rewarding—all the customer has to do is take out his or her phone. One thing to keep in mind: Yelp says that, depending on the length of the review, it might appear as a Tip as the developers experiment with the feature.

Being able to post reviews directly from the phone also makes it easier for customers to share photos of your dealership. Any photos of the location will appear in the review, which can help readers get a better sense of your location and add engaging content to your Yelp listing.

The Bad

It’s pretty easy to see how this new option will affect a dissatisfied customer. Before you have the opportunity to resolve any issues, the customer can fire off a negative review. After the review is posted, your dealership’s online reputation management will be more important than ever. All it takes is one bad review to turn consumers away, but a dealership response can also help to alleviate potential concerns and demonstrate your commitment to resolving issues.

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