People, strategies, and technology that use data and analysis to continuously produce better results.


We’re constantly developing our technology and solutions to help our clients meet the challenge of changing consumer behaviors.


Our technology is responsive—and so is our team when it comes to developing strategies tailored to advancing your objectives and capitalizing on your opportunities.


The Core of Your Automotive Dealer Marketing Solution.

Our always-on Core automotive solution bundles our industry-leading responsive automotive newsletter email and website, marketing activities calendar, account support, and advanced business intelligence and automated marketing engines. Start your digital marketing solution with Core and choose any one or more Accelerators. The more you choose, the smarter Core gets.


  • Platform
  • Core Communication
  • Engagement Website

Sales Accelerator

Dealership Inventory Sales Marketing Solutions.

Too many automotive dealers end up repelling the customers they’re trying to reach due to heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all messaging. Adding inventory across your digital marketing streams is a great way to find in-market shoppers without waiting for phone calls and website conversions. Improve key conversion metrics and learn more about your best customers with our targeted set of data-driven email campaigns and supporting content.


  • Sales Streams
  • Supporting Landing Pages
  • Model-Specific Landing Pages
  • Digital Assets

Service Accelerator

Automotive Dealer Service Marketing Solutions.

Traditional service lifecycle has its value, but the 3 Birds Service Marketing Solution is a tool not found in any other lifecycle messaging product. Drive service revenue and customer retention by targeting High, Medium, and Low customer value list segments with targeted service streams supported by a fully responsive service website. Stem service defection and increase volume with our predictive service modeling, a one-of-a-kind solution combining historical data with forward-looking analytics.


  • Service Streams
  • Service Website

Engagement Accelerator

Dealership Social Media & Reputation Marketing Solutions.

Whether you like it or not, the online conversation about your dealership is happening. We stay on top of the rapidly changing worlds of social media and online reputation so that you don’t have to. Your virtual dealership reputation can have dramatic impacts on Sales and Repair Order market share. Generate positive review growth on leading review sites and humanize your auto dealership on the most popular social networks.


  • Review Building Streams
  • Review Monitoring
  • Social Media

Acquisition Accelerator

Customer Acquisition Conquest Marketing Solutions.

Our automotive conquest campaigns are the best way to target your dealership's most valuable in-market conquest prospects as identified by 3 Birds' analytics engine and predictive models. 3 Birds checks your customer database to de-dupe and ensure accurate conquest messaging, while Conquest Streams capture data used to power predictive modeling for future database marketing.


  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Single Send

Advanced Accelerator

Advanced Dealer Marketing Solutions to Drive Additional Revenue.

Leverage the full power of the 3 Birds platform with a diverse suite of advanced digital solutions. Add our high-quality creative to your dealership's point-of-sale marketing, generate sales-ready leads with paid social ad campaigns, and take advantage of additional customizable Stream Packs to engage high-value customers across your database.


  • Advanced Streams
  • Digital Pop Monitors
  • Social Ads


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