How to Effectively Act on Your Hand-Raiser Opportunities

3 Birds’ unique technology combines actual customer interaction with our email and digital content, along with data from DMS/CRM systems, to measure real customer intent to buy. We call these prospects hand-raiser leads. These are customers who are signaling their intent before they’ve even filled out a typical conversion tool. The better your dealership takes advantage of these leads, the more sales that will result.  


5 Steps to Making Social Media Work for Your Dealership

The conversational, personalized nature of social media can be easier than you think if you let your voice come through to your followers.


Designing Emails that Work: 5 Tips for Increasing Conversion

Email campaigns from 3 Birds get opened more, read more, and lead to more sales than most typical automotive emails. Our simple five-step formula follows.


Connected Cars: What They Mean for Your Marketing

3 Birds has spent a great deal of time studying the “Connected Car World” to understand the implications for dealership marketing for progressive dealerships.


Bird’s Eye View: Kendall Nicosia-Rusin

UNC grad Kendall Nicosia-Rusin is part of the hard-working 3 Birds Account team, using her in-depth knowledge of our platform and product services in her role as a Digital Facilitator. Learn more in our Bird's Eye View.

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