Case Study: Increasing Open Rate and CTO Rate with a Targeted Digital Newsletter Strategy

One multi-rooftop dealer group was seeing solid performance from its monthly Digital Newsletter—but their 3 Birds account strategist wasn’t satisfied. Learn how we helped the client implement a targeted newsletter strategy that dramatically improved engagement and generated multiple handraiser lists for future campaigns and other follow-up opportunities.


Fourth-Quarter Huddle: Finish 2016 with a Winning Marketing Strategy

Legendary University of Alabama coach Bear Bryant understood the importance of stepping it up in the final act: “Winning isn't imperative, but getting tougher in the fourth quarter is.”


Bridging the Gap Between Analytics and Creative

“A designer and a data analyst walk into a room.”


‘Building a Fortress Around Our Database’: Q&A with Molle Automotive’s Jim Seaman on the Value of 3 Birds

Earlier this year, we invited Jim Seaman, Marketing Director at the Molle Automotive Group, to speak with us about his experiences as a 3 Birds client.

Bird's Eye View on Caroline Klinedinst: Account Coordinator

There’s an unprecedented level of hard work and positivity that goes on at 3 Birds, and few individuals personify those qualities better than Caroline Klinedinst. Learn more about her in this month's Bird's Eye View.

Ghosts of Halloween Past: 3 Birds Halloween in Pictures

In the lull before Black Friday sales and year-end incentives, Halloween is an opportunity for the 3 Birds team to showcase our creativity in a unique way.

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