18 Dec

5 ‘Secrets’ of Effective Digital Marketing

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3 Birds provides a better way for automobile dealerships to market effectively. Our digital solutions and analytics programs touch nearly 4000 automobile dealerships nationwide. Our smart dealer solutions combine expertly written content and industry-leading analytics for an end-to-end marketing solution.

Let me tell you a secret. It’s clearer than ever that there is no silver bullet when it comes to digital marketing. But that’s actually good news.

It means that there are clear steps you can take to improve your dealership’s digital presence, marketing strategies, and customer retention, all without throwing money at the latest high-priced gimmick or widget. The “secrets” of effective digital marketing are actually best practices that have been proven to get results – and if you’re not getting them with your current marketing vendors, it’s time to look at your other options.

You deserve better and should expect more from your digital marketing partners. Here are five “secrets” of effective digital marketing that you (and your marketing partners) should be embracing.

Secret #1: You Should Be Spending Less Time on Managing Multiple Vendors, and More Time Improving Customer Experience
Dealers have been forced to coordinate marketing efforts across too many vendors, costing you valuable work-hours every week. Our solution? 3 Birds ME, offering one point of contact and a dedicated account manager for all of your marketing initiatives (online and off). Reclaim those lost hours!

Secret #2: Your Database is Your Home Base
With all of the marketing dollars being spent on acquisition, your best customers can get lost in the chaos. Are you doing everything possible to retain and engage the people who have already bought and serviced from you?

This doesn’t mean generic email blasts to your entire database. Different customers are at different stages of the purchase process, and the more you can show that you’re in tune with their current needs, the better your results are likely to be. How can you accomplish that? See Secret #4.

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Secret #3: Every Email and Conversion Page Should Look Great on Every Device
Most emails sent by dealerships today are not responsive, meaning they don’t scale to the many different devices your customers are using. Why is that important? Because studies show that
if an email does not display correctly, 71.2% will delete it immediately (Source: BlueHornet, “Consumer Views of Email Marketing,” 2014).

Mobile rendering for your email is more critical than ever. How do your emails render? If every email you send doesn’t look great on every device, we can help.

Secret #4: Assemble Behavioral Profiles of Your Customers – And ACT!
Right now, you have customer data housed in a multitude of places (DMS purchase & service data, CRM contact history, email click behavior, etc). Since most of these systems don’t interact, it is up to YOU to centralize that info and assemble behavioral profiles on your customers, then schedule targeted campaigns accordingly.

Are you doing that now yourself? Do you know how to do that? We do, and we can take that burden off your shoulders and put our years of experience to work for you. If you’re not doing this at all, let’s talk.

Secret #5: Your Cross-Channel Digital Messaging Needs to Be More Consistent
Messaging is often disconnected, and not distributed with consistency to multiple channels. A December month-long promotion should have content scheduled to distribute to a range of digital outlets (website, social, paid search, eNewsletter, email, etc.) that all promote the same message but are tailored to that specific channel.

3Birds has changed the game with ME. You get ONE partner to deal with, who sees the complete picture of your digital marketing and helps you take action to give your customers a better digital experience. We’ll create, launch, and monitor campaigns, learn from customer activity and behavior, then do it even better next month.

And when it comes to the results of your marketing, there are no secrets. We’ll ensure that the dollars you spend are measurable, transparent, and focused on the shoppers who have bought from you before, or should be buying from you.

To learn more about ME and market your dealership more efficiently, email me, click here, or call me at 919-913-2746 to schedule an exploratory call.