2 May

In Their Own Words: The 3 Birds Intern Experience

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Paul Mirek
Paul Mirek is 3 Birds' Content Manager. He has a soft spot for great writing, smart marketing, and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve all heard our share of intern horror stories—maybe you’ve even experienced one. At 3 Birds Marketing, our interns provide critical support and assessment tasks while gaining skills for their future careers. Many hail from the nearby University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but some drive from as far as Highpoint, NC.

Intern Seminar at TOPO Tannen Gliatta, Evan Chaisson, Austin Myrick and other members of the 3 Birds team work closely with our intern team to review performance, provide feedback, and make sure every team member is getting the most out of this one-of-a-kind experience.

Tannen Gliatta

When an intern walks in the doors of 3 Birds they are not shown how to make coffee or the copy machine; I mean, come on, the Keurig has one button and we’re a digital marketing agency.  From online reputation to social media and using the 3 Birds software, our interns are integral members of the company that assist us in servicing our clients in every way.

We understand it’s not just a one-way street and we strive to provide value for our interns beyond course credit or a paycheck.  Just like full-time team members, our interns are encouraged to explore the different departments of the company and figure out what area is of most interest to them.  The monthly Intern Seminar series focuses on different areas of the post graduate life from how to start a small business with Scott Maitland from TOPO Distillery to resume and interviewing tips from our VP of Accounts, Megan Gardner.  It’s our goal that when an intern comes to the conclusion of their internship they leave with a firm understanding of 3 Birds, an appreciation for marketing, and–if we’re doing our jobs right—a few lifelong friends and mentors.  And at the end of the day, that’s what it really comes down to.  There will always be another sales call to make, a review to respond to, or a social media post to be made, but to get true, lifelong value out of an internship, that’s what’s important and what my colleagues and I strive to provide every day.

Of course, we could talk all day about what a 3 Birds internship provides—but we think it means more coming from the students themselves.

Danielle Bryant

“I first heard about 3 Birds from a couple of girls in my Advertising Campaigns class during the spring semester of my junior year. At the time, we were working on a fully integrated campaign to pitch at the National Student Advertising Competition held in Charlotte. Our client was Nissan North America, and these two girls had an immediate edge.  Because of their internships at 3 Birds, they were able to use their creative marketing skills and knowledge of the automotive industry to help win us second place in the district. Finally, I found the internship I wanted to pursue.

“My first day at 3 Birds was a memorable one. I walked in nervously and was prepared to quietly observe people on the job without being a liability or distraction. At previous internships, the atmosphere was serious and professional, straight down to the dress code. Imagine my shock when I walked in and saw people smiling, and of all things wearing jeans!

“My time at 3 Birds ultimately helped me to land a highly competitive post-graduation internship with Disney Destination Marketing as a Digital/Social Media Intern. When I interviewed with Disney, they were interested in talking about my background with 3 Birds and thought the skills I learned there made me a perfect fit.  Saying goodbye to 3 Birds as I head to Orlando will be sad, but I’ve made invaluable connections in the industry and friends I will surely be in touch with as I start the next chapter of my life.”

Hannah Harrison

“It’s a very fun and creative environment. The supervisors are very interested in teaching you and assigning you projects based on your interests. Plus, they are always flexible working with your schedule, which as a student has been a big help.”

Brittany Smith

“As an intern at 3 Birds Marketing, I’ve had to opportunity to work in a creative environment with people who care about the products we offer. I’ve had the chance to learn about the many different aspects of digital marketing and the internal structure of a start-up company. While at 3 Birds, I’ve gained experience working with and for clients in the automotive industry and have developed a skill set that will help to shape my career. Working with such a talented and passionate group of people has begun to shape the type of professional I will be in the future.”

Interested in sharing in the experiences of these interns? We’re constantly on the look out for new interns for each of our teams: Account Management, Content, Creative and Development. Unpaid, paid and course credit internship opportunities are available, so send us your resume and a note telling us why you should be the next amazing 3 Birds intern.