10 Aug

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What drives up to 4 times as much retail traffic as Facebook and is #4 out of the top 7 web-traffic-driving social networks in the world? Pinterest.

3 Birds Stat of the Week

We came across this article on socialmediatoday and were shocked to learn that Pinterest is responsible for so much traffic to websites. We were also surprised to learn that StumbleUpon is the #2 social media site in terms of driving traffic, but the steep downward trajectory that it’s on means it will most likely be overtaken in the near future.

Pinterest interests us so much because it is driving almost as much traffic as YouTube and, although YouTube certainly isn’t something to disregard, Pinterest definitely has the momentum right now, with major brands adopting the platform for marketing purposes. YouTube will always be relevant (well, as “always” as anything can be in the fast-paced world of the internet), but we don’t see their traffic spiking anytime soon. In fact, it could very well decline now that YouTube’s license with Apple has expired and the company’s content will no longer be available to iPhones.

Not only that, but Pinterest currently appeals largely to women, making the site both a unique challenge and an especially tempting nut to crack for businesses like automobile dealers. Have you experimented with Pinterest for your business yet?  If so, tell us what your experiences have been!