14 Aug

In the News: Auto Manufacturers’ Innovative & Interactive New Technologies

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Recently, two major automotive manufacturers released innovative apps designed to enhance consumers’ buying experiences by making the process more interactive using technology developed for mobile and tablet devices.

This past spring, at the Geneva Auto Show, Volvo unveiled an iPad/iPhone app that “reads” markers placed around Volvo vehicles, allowing users to walk around the cars and experience an x-ray-like view of the vehicle’s skeleton and inner workings, complete with callouts featuring patented Volvo innovations.

Then, this past Monday, Ford released an iPad app designed to assist consumers at the dealership by allowing them to virtually build vehicles equipped to their specifications, then use that information to locate vehicles in the dealers’ inventory that most closely match their desired specifications.

These apps are likely just the beginning when it comes to vehicle manufacturers adopting mobile and tablet technologies in ways that allow salespeople at the dealership level to integrate the latest tech into the sales funnel and make the buying process more informative and interactive for customers. Auto dealers: what’s your take? How do you think car shoppers will respond to these apps and others like them?  How would you incorporate them into your showroom experience? And what app would you design for use in your dealership if you ruled the world?