29 Oct

In the News: Government & Business Embrace Social Media for Hurricane Sandy Notices

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As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast today, evidence that social media as a common news source and method of instant communication is becoming more prevalent. According to Computerworld, everyone from private individuals, airlines, and Federal, State and local governments and emergency services are turning to social media to relay information. Google has setup an interactive hurricane map, Facebook itself set up a Hurricane Sandy community page, FEMA is using social media to update citizens, airlines are using it to update people on flights with over 10,000 flights cancelled today across the country and the American Red Cross has integrated social media into its “Hurricane” app which allows people to “update friends and family by simultaneously sending out messages on Facebook, Twitter, via text, and e-mail.” The hashtag #Sandy is the top trending topic in all areas affected by the storm. These actions validate that social media has evolved significantly from simply a way to let your friends know what movie you’re watching to a legitimate means of delivering news and information instantaneously to a lot of people all at once in a centralized location.