2 Aug

In the News: Bing Deepens Facebook Integration

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Allows Users to Tag Friends within Search and Share Instantly to Facebook

Bing announced earlier this week that they’ve further enhanced their integration with Facebook, enabling users to tag Facebook friends directly within search results and share queries instantly on Facebook. Using this functionality, users will now be able to more readily involve friends in decision-making by soliciting their advice while searching online.
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There are obvious implications for digital marketers and online vendors—and for automotive dealers in particular. Imagine a car shopper searching “Toyota dealer” on Bing, receiving results, and then instantly asking specific friends on Facebook if they’ve had any experience with a given dealer. This deepened integration with Facebook further illustrates the importance search engines are placing on social media in order to deliver relevant search results to consumers.

The subtraction of a step in the sharing process will not only make it easier for people to share search-related content on Facebook, but also to tag friends, which will then cause those results to on those friends’ timelines, thus exposing the question to their social networks. Typically, the easier you make an action, the more people will use it. Think of the ease of the “like” and “+1” sharing buttons that millions of websites have adopted. This makes it even more important than ever to ensure that your Bing presence is optimized, reviewed regularly, and filled with positive customer testimonials.

If you want to see more about how it works, check out Bing’s video by clicking here.