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Access the Untapped Revenue Living In your Database

Blue Sky Dashboard

Data Mining | Predictive Modeling | Actionable Data & Insights


Service Well Qualified Opportunities are 8x (or 800%) more likely to service their vehicle


Sales Well Qualified Opportunities are 10x (or 1000%) more likely to purchase a new vehicle

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Managed properly, a dealership’s database is its greatest asset. Dealers are sitting on mountains of data but most struggle with bringing their data from different systems and sources together and structuring, enhancing, understanding and, most importantly, making it actionable. The 3 Birds Blue Sky Dashboards give automobile dealerships and groups a better way to understand the customer and prospect segments in their database, identify the many untapped pockets of opportunity, and claim the money being left on the table every month.

Built on the backbone of Tableau, the powerful business intelligence software, and applying 3 Birds’ proprietary predictive modeling and algorithms, these Blue Sky Dashboards are sure to become essential to the way dealers set and achieve sales and service objectives, anticipate and adjust for challenges, retain customers and increase customer lifetime value, gain a better understanding of their customers and what influences them, and market and train more effectively.

When you bundle solutions together we can offer even more attractive pricing. Learn more about our other digital marketing and software solutions for automotive dealerships below.

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Our feature-rich solutions create a marketing ecosystem, reduce friction, and provide a brand-new, actionable view of your marketing and operational data.

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Leads & Opportunities

Better understand where your leads are coming from, how different sources close, and how to develop additional data to convert leads faster.

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Pipeline Reporting

Watch how your marketing efforts fill your funnel from gauging interest all the way to full-blown purchase intent by generating interest and intent data, tracking the consumer journey across channels, and predictive modeling.

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Sales Mining

Provides a new way of looking at your customer database, and our mining and modeling provides pockets of untapped opportunity.

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Blue Sky Lever

Import or export actionable, revenue-generating lists that are valuable in spreading consistent messages across all channels furthering your digital marketing investments.

These are just some of our select features. Click the button below to view our full feature set.

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